The Board on the Unauthorized Practice of Law is a Board of the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands, pursuant to Rule 203(d). The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Court from both districts of the Virgin Islands. Six members must be members of the Virgin Islands Bar, and wherever possible at least three members will be members of the public who are not members of the Bar. 

The Board has the power to, among other things, adopt rules, conduct investigations and hearings, and initiate enforcement proceedings against anyone found to have committed an Unauthorized Practice of Law violation. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is charged with assisting the Board by conducting such investigations and presenting those matters to the Board. Finally, the Supreme Court has the power to review findings of the UPL Board related to legal issues and its recommended disposition in individual matters. 

Should a member of the public wish to file a complaint against an individual they suspect has engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law, they should contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and complete a Complaint Form