The Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) administers the attorney registration requirements in accordance with VISCR 203. Pursuant to Rule 203(e), all active attorneys must electronically file an Annual Registration Statement (ARS) and pay a $50.00 annual assessment fee for each reporting period beginning on January 1st of each year.  After February 1st of each reporting period, a late filing fee of $150.00 is in order for an attorney to be compliant with the attorney registration requirement.  This is required every year, for as long as the attorney remains duly admitted and an active member of the Virgin Islands Bar.

For purposes of the registration requirement, an active member of the Bar is any individual authorized to practice law in the Virgin Islands in any capacity, whether regularly admitted, specially admitted, admitted pro hac vice, or licensed as a certified in-house counsel, foreign legal consultant, legal intern, or military spouse and whether or not in good standing. shall pay a $50.00 annual assessment fee and with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Attorneys who have been granted inactive status by the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands are not required to file an ARS unless they petition, and the Court grants their request for resumption of the practice of law.  

All fields of the ARS form must be completed. 

The Office of Bar Admissions performs the ministerial duty of reviewing and processing all Active Attorney Registration Statements (ARS) on behalf of ODC. All inquiries regarding the filing and payment of fees for ARS should be directed to the Office of Bar Admissions at (340) 774-2237, ext. 6222, 6221 or 6220.